The company

Manufacturing company NEVZ (Novocherkassk locomotive plant) is a leading Russian manufacturer of main line freight and passenger electric locomotives. Since NEVZ was founded 80 years ago, the plant has produced over 16,000 locomotives of 70 different types and functions. Considering a wide variety of climatic zones and challenging terrain in Russia, NEVZ produces reliable locomotives, highly resistant to rough operational conditions. High quality traction electric motors constitute the main factor contributing to the quality of NEVZ’s locomotives.

Their Request

In 2009, NEVZ developed a brand new type of induction traction motor: DTA-1200А for dual-system passenger electric locomotive EP-20.While delivering this project, the plant was looking for premium quality stator coils capable of ensuring the reliable operation of the locomotive.

Our solution

Rem&Coil developed an insulation system for stator coils and produced over 500 sets of coil sections for EP-20 electric locomotive motors. This type of locomotive has been in operation for over 10 years now, with not a single case of failure of a DTA-1200A motor being registered. Rem&Coil is NEVZ’s strategic partner and the key supplier of coil sections. Regardless of this success, we keep on going and continue to offer innovative solutions for NEVZ’s needs.


“Passenger electric locomotive EP-20 is a crown jewel of NEVZ. Its reliability is ensured, among other elements, by a failure-free operation of DTA-1200A induction traction motor, equipped with coils manufactured by Rem&Coil. Our supplier is in an ongoing search for coil optimisation and innovative solutions for the manufacture and delivery of its products.”

Alexey Sapunkov
former General Director (2016-2020) at NEVZ