Over 15 Years of Experience in Coil Manufacturing and Outstanding Service

Rem&Coil has become one of the largest manufacturers of stator and anchor winding sections in Russia and worldwide in 15 years


A team of young engineers created the Northwest Electromechanical Association in St. Petersburg. This association included several businesses dealing with electrical machines. The company supplied electric motors for general industrial and special purposes. Was engaged in repair and maintenance, supply of components. Developed solutions related to electric drives.


The Rem&Coil plant is established as a part of the Association, and a brand new manufacturing shop with 2000 square metres of floor space is built. The first automated line to produce stator and armature windings is launched.


Rem&Coil attracts new highly skilled employees and increases its staff to 120. A program to modernize equipment and equip production with new machines has been carried out. New technologies and materials are being introduced. The latest production technology base is equipped.


Rem&Coil’s output is over 200,000 coil sections for a range of electrical motors and generators per year. The company’s personnel comprise over 120 employees, about a hundred of whom hold engineering degrees. We are highly motivated to pursue further development and keep on pushing forward.

North-Western Electromechanical Association is founded in St. Petersburg
Rem&Coil plant is established as a part of the Association
Rem&Coil recruits new employees and introduces a programme of modernisation and installation of new equipment
Our team includes over a hundred highly qualified specialists

Rem&Coil in a Nutshell:


Certified Specialists

Our engineers are able to handle any customer problem. They independently upgrade and create new equipment and machinery to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions. They are ready to offer their expertise on any question related to stator winding.

Customer Care

The Rem&Coil team is ready to provide onsite coil winding services worldwide and help you to solve your specific technical problem. We offer a free test coil section sample, so you can experience Rem&Coil’s quality and make an informed decision before you purchase.

Reliable Partners

Product quality depends on technology, but materials are also extremely important. That is why we work exclusively with the best suppliers of wire and insulation. Our products exceed international quality standards and ensure fault-free electrical motor performance in the long term. Tests performed by the Polytechnic University show that the operational lifetime of our coils is 75 years.*

Why Rem&Coil?

Exact Geometry

Smart and easy installation of a set in a stator within 1 to 2 days in a repair shop’s conditions.

Free Test Sample

Check out Rem&Coil products.

Additional Services

Supervised coil section installation, training of customer’s employees and spare parts supply.

Manufacturing and Delivery Within Two Weeks

From ordering to receiving the finished product.
We deliver worldwide.

* Operational lifetime of 75 years is valid under the condition of performing all the scheduled maintenance works recommended by the manufacturer.sub