Armature Coils

Our company will supply spare parts for electrical machines of any model. Highly qualified people use innovative techniques, modern equipment to manufacture various types of anchor sections. We supply spare parts for rotating electrical machines that have become unusable during long-term, intensive use. To find out the work schedule, prices, conclude an agreement, you need to call or leave a request on the website. The manager will contact you during the day. He will answer any questions.

обмотка якоря
обмотка якоря постоянного тока
обмотка якоря двигателя
Катушка якоря
якорная обмотка

High-quality armature winding is a guarantee of the reliability of the electric motor

We are focused on quickly solving problems of any complexity. To minimize financial costs during long-term operation of electric motors, you can strictly adhere to the maintenance schedule prescribed by the manufacturer. Each manufactured section of the armature winding exactly corresponds to the existing technological standards, since our company uses only new techniques, which significantly increases their reliability, durability, and safety.

  • The geometry of each piece has been precisely adjusted.
  • We use up to 30% of our own equipment in production lines.
  • We use only high-quality copper wire of cable companies and Elinar insulation in the manufacture of windings
  • If necessary, our design office will make drawings according to the client's sketches.
  • We make individual projects for highly specialized industries.
  • All components undergo bench tests before delivery to the client.
  • We visit clients for installation supervision.

Our company uses only high quality materials, which increases the service life of electrical equipment. Impeccable training of specialists, excellent equipment of workshops makes it possible to manufacture sections that meet European standards.

Why is Rem&Coil the best anchor section manufacturer?

Безупречные пропорции
быстрота укладки, надежность деталей и удобство в использовании
Практичная система изоляции и проверка качества на всех стадиях обмотки
дает бесперебойную и налаженную работу двигателя
Медная проволока М0 и М00 в полном согласии с ГОСТ 859-2014
(чистота 99.9999) – минимизация потерь и увеличение качества работы электродвигателя
Скорость получения
доставка товара от 2-х недель по всему миру
Отчётность и тех. поддержка на всех стадиях изготовления заказа
уверенность заказчиков в результате
Производства катушек якоря
разного класса нагревостойкости - для решения необходимых вопросов
Прозрачная система выстраивания стоимости
доверительные партнёрские отношения
Отлаженное производство секций якоря
обеспечивает уверенность в соблюдении регламента сроков и качества изготовления обмотки якоря, поэтому за время существования компании было выявлено менее 1% брака

Rem&Coil in numbers

certified employees
25 pcs
technical equipment for the manufacture of sections
200 000
sections per year
customers have made an order with us at least once
3000 pcs
engine base
in 40
countries around the world use our products

Technical capabilities

  • Armature winding, geometrically parameters.

  • Insulation heat resistance class, DC armature windings

  • Electrical testing of motor armature windings

The armature winding sections are made of the following materials:

  • Winding wires
  • Electrical insulation tapes
  • Protective tapes
  2. Copper wire with a rectangular cut. As an obstacle to the passage of electric current, a material on glass filaments saturated with solutions of special-purpose resins is used. An excellent option for sections of armature windings of low voltage electric motors.Breakdown voltage up to 500V. Heat resistance F = 155C, H = 180C.

  3. PEEP
  4. Copper wire with a rectangular cut. A frame with a thin vitreous insulating coating is used as insulation. It is used for the armature coil of low voltage electric motors. Breakdown voltage up to 2000V. Heat resistance F = 155C, H = 180C.

  5. PPIPK
  6. Copper wire with a rectangular cut. The obstacle to the passage of electric current is polyimide-fluoroplastic film. An excellent option for armature winding coils of traction motors. Breakdown voltage up to 8000 V. Heat resistance H = 180C.
  1. Elmikaterm 524019
  2. mycalents made of non-metallic substrate, PET film, mycanite. It is used for armature winding of electric machines. Mica = at least 40%. Heat resistance F = 155C.

  3. Elmikaterm 529029
  4. micalents made of non-metallic substrate, polyimide film and mica paper. It is used when winding a DC armature. Mica = at least 35%. Heat resistance F = 180C.
  1. Glass tape LES
  2. – designed to protect the hull insulation from mechanical influences when the anchor winding is carried out.

It is possible to use materials according to the customer's CD.

Stages of production

3D modeling
We create a drawing according to the technical specifications of a customer.
Winding of copper wire
Ensure a tight winding of the highest quality wire and a uniform coil column.
We find an insulation system compatible with your type of coils.
Low-voltage system - up to 1kV
VPI - up to 10kV
Resin Rich - up to 18kV
Resin Rich/ VPI hybrid
We pre-stretch the coils into a trapezoidal shape and set the exact radius of a coil head.
We form a coil into a 'boat' shape and create its perfect geometry.
We perform hot pressing (for B-stage tape coils) to ensure that a coil is heated evenly over the entire straight part.
We undergo numerous tests on SCHLEICH and Baker systems, as well as manually by our QCD staff.
We pack your order in a cardboard or wooden box for the most convenient shipping mode of transport.

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