Direct-current coil

We manufacture components of DC electric machines of both Russian and foreign production with insulation heat resistance class – F, H.

The client does not need to create a repair service for the manufacture of components on its territory (or maintain an existing one) and maintain a fleet of technological equipment (machines, furnaces, presses, patterns, etc.) necessary for their production.

Our design bureau will be able to quickly calculate your order, as well as deliver coils for any electric motors on time and efficiently within the framework of commodity substitution and for absolutely new developments of electric motors.

All products are manufactured taking into account the requirements of regulatory, technical, repair, operational and other documentation regulating the requirements for the production of works and for the finished product.


  • rectilinear part up to 1500 mm (up to 2000 mm. by agreement);
  • flattening the ends;
  • wire: any according to the state standart (including wires with polyimide insulation);
  • tests: electrical tests for the absence of inter-turn circuits, frame insulation tests;
  • control of geometric dimensions;
  • insulation class: H (up to 1800 C), F (up to 1600 C).

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