01 TMH-Electrotech

The company

TMH-Electrotech is the largest Russian manufacturer of traction motors and generators for the railway industry. The company’s production is used for diesel and electric locomotives, subway trains, light rail and tramway cars.

Their Request

The production plan of TMH-Electrotech dramatically increased in the last quarter of 2020. The threat of the plan’s failure became real. Being TMH-Electrotech’s contractor and already working on an approved order, Rem&Coil was challenged to increase output and supply at short notice.

Our solution

To meet new requirements, we had to implement an additional night shift. Rem&Coil gathered and trained the team in record time, which allowed us to increase our production output in just a few weeks. The partnership between the two companies also contributed to this success. TMH-Electrotech’s qualified workers were assigned to Rem&Coil and helped to enhance performance.

Стержни статора
Стержни статора

“Rem&Coil’s team tends to think outside the box and find unconventional solutions to challenging situations. Excellent teamwork and joint efforts resulted in the increased production output for our needs at short notice."

Efimov I.
Director of the Branch (2020) at TMH-Electrotech.