DC motor commutator

The Rem&Coil plant will produce commutators for DC electric motors of domestic and foreign assembly in a high-quality and timely manner. Our engineers have at their disposal an extensive database of more than 100,000 types of electric motors from different manufacturers. We can also make a commutator according to your drawing or sample, if your model is not found in the current database.

The development and creation of special equipment and toolings for the production of commutators allow us to increase the reliability and durability of products, reduce the production time, and as a result, the repair time, as well as reduce the waste of your money.

The work of our specialists is aimed at improving the quality of the manufacture of commutators, which in the future will affect the duration of the brush holders and the wear of the brushes in the form of chips and thereby affect the time between repairs and maintenance of electric motors.


  • diameter from 500 to 2000 mm;
  • types of commutators: collapsible/non-collapsible,tie bolt/buckle nut, glass binding;
  • commutator riser: soft and hard.

Scope of application

Designed for use as part of DC electric machines (electric motors and generators).

The design, manufacture and acceptance of commutators is carried out in accordance with GOST(state standart) 28295-89 ELECTRIC COMMUTATORS OF ROTATING MACHINES. Before release, commutators undergo technical control of electrical insulation resistance.

We will place your order quickly and efficiently:

  • according to individual drawings,
  • for imported electric motors,
  • commutators using standard pressure cones and bushings,
  • production of сommutators according to the provided sample.

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