The company

The Yaroslavl Electric Machine Building Plant is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical machines in Russia. The plant specialises in induction motors of general purpose industrial design, and manufactures special-purpose electrical machinery for resource and energy saving. In 1997, ELDIN’s quality management system was certified by the German certification body DQS according to ISO 9001.

Their Request

ELDIN faced the challenging task of making hard windings for motors. Insourcing would have increased their costs due to the necessity of purchasing additional equipment and hiring highly specialised personnel.

Our solution

Rem&Coil developed a reliable hard winding system and has been producing it for several years now. ELDIN’s motors became more competitive due to higher energy efficiency properties. After implementing a production planning system, Rem&Coil and ELDIN launched the mass production of a range of new electrical machines.

Секции статора
Секции статора

“Our plant faced the problem of making hard motor windings. We didn't want to raise our prices and started looking for a reliable partner enterprise. Rem&Coil developed and manufactured the winding system we required at short notice, which allowed us to keep our prices at the same level and increase mass production output as well.”

Akhunov T.A.
General Director at ELDIN