The helicopter plant restored international equipment as part of an import substitution program by St. Petersburg engineers


A large manufacturer of helicopter engines and gas-turbine engines for domestic aircrafts taskеd the St. Petersburg Rem &Coil plant and the Production Association Elektromashina with repairing a German–made metalworking machine.

For this type of equipment, a 100% domestic integrated repair and further operation plan was developed and put into action for the first time. The commission was unusual one because only professionals from abroad repaired the machine as of yet.

St. Petersburg engineers produced the necessary parts for the repair of equipment on short order; moreover, they replaced these components, resulting in the improved performance of the German engine.

"To deliver such projects is not only to complete client-specific tasks at the highest professional level, but also to develop programs that can be applied to similar tasks in many fields, thereby ensuring the technological autonomy of the domestic industry," said Aleksandr Novikov, CEO of Rem&Coil, to commend the work already done by the holding's engineers.


The task was to manufacture the electric motor stator sections for a crank press, which performs punching, perforation, puncturing, trimming and other cold pressing operations.

The St. Petersburg professionals changed settings of the insulating machine and designed a new model of sections with due regard to the design specifics of the customer's electric motor. The restored automated line allows the fabrication of electric motor parts preventing bumps, uneven bends and section asymmetry.

During the installation of components, the employees of PA Elektromashina obtained ideal manufacturing clearances between parts, ensuring their natural cooling, thereby reducing the risk of short circuit as much as possible and increasing the period of future trouble-free operation of the press.