St. Petersburg engineers of the Rem&Coil plant have created a unique machine


On October 13, 2022, the Rem&Coil plant (the company is part of the SZEMO holding) hosted a presentation and launch of equipment exclusive to the Russian industry – a machine with an intelligent software control system that manufactures coils of stator and armature windings.

These components are intended for the production and repair of industrial electric motors, including foreign production, for example, Siemens, ABB, etc., that left Russia.

The company's engineers have been independently developing this high-precision equipment from scratch for two years, which surpasses foreign analogues in its characteristics.

The Petersburg machine is designed for template forming of electric motor winding coils. The workpiece fits into the template, the machine operator sets the necessary parameters of the future product, after which the molding takes place using a high-precision electric drive.

"With the withdrawal of foreign companies from the Russian market, our equipment is becoming indispensable for the backbone industries: energy, car building, coal, oil and gas production, production of chemical components, pulp and paper production.

Today, the country needs more locomotives, respectively, more of our products. In addition, sustainable development and increasing the reliability of the entire energy system of Russia is also the main state task. And our company is ready to fulfill these tasks 100% in its direction.

The number of clients, primarily foreign ones, has decreased for our company. But in physical volumes it has grown significantly due to the demand in the domestic market and the liberation of a niche by foreign companies", says Aleksandr Novikov, the General Director of Rem &Coil.

You can also watch a report on the Russian channel NTV about the unique Rem&Coil machine here link