We will make any coil for your engine


Following the demand of our customers, we are constantly working on expanding the product range. For that, we produce our own equipment, upgrade current ones or purchase new ones.

After we completed one of the non-standard orders with a "small" coil, the company's management decided to launch a new product line for all our customers.

Our specialists have changed the settings of the insulating machine and designed a new model of coils taking into account the design features of electric motors. The updated automated line allows the manufacture of parts for electric motors eliminating impacts, uneven bends and violation of the symmetry of coils/windings.

Features of the new product

“Not large” overall length: small length of straight parts, there is a bevel along the grooves.

∙ the minimum total length of the coil is 380 mm,

∙ the minimum length of the rectilinear part is 195 mm.

For the manufacture of a new production line, new tooling was manufactured and equipment was upgraded. These coils were formed on the Schuman machine, for this purpose, these toolings were developed and manufactured:

∙ pressure plates. They were designed and manufactured almost from scratch at our company.

∙ holders. They were improved on the example of existing toolings.

Case information:

Сoils for the crank press engine, which has the S3 operating mode, the so-called re-short-term operation mode.

The customer company uses this German machine for the manufacture of parts for the production, repair and maintenance of power units, gas turbine engines and turbine starters of civil and military helicopters and airplanes.

"The implementation of such projects is not only the solution of specific tasks of the client at the highest professional level, but also the development of a program that can be applied to similar orders in various fields, thereby ensuring the technological sovereignty of the domestic industry," commented upon the good work of the holding's engineers Aleksandr Novikov, the general director of Rem&Coil.

The Rem&Coil factory manufactures to order coils of stator windings with voltage up to 13800V and a maximum coil length of 3500 mm. Our stator coil meets the most stringent requirements for reliability, durability, efficiency and are used in all industries.