Rem&Coil took part in a conference on reliability based on the power plant of the Eurasian Energy Corporation


The 25th of July on the territory of Aksu GRES (Kazakhstan) a leading diversified company in the field of extraction and processing of natural resources ERG organized a conference on reliability. The event was attended by heads and key specialists of ERG energy enterprises, representatives of foreign manufacturers, including the Russian plant for the production of sections and coils for electric machines “Rem&Coil” (SZEMO group of companies).

The guests of the conference discussed the most significant indicators of production activities of enterprises, types and causes of downtime of generating equipment. At the same time, they analyzed the topics of innovation, maintenance and repairs. When discussing the last topic, power engineers drew the attention of representatives of manufacturers to the peculiarities of the operation of a particular equipment and proposed to make design changes to improve the quality of operation and service.

Within the framework of the conference, Dmitry Srkepechuk, Sales Manager of “Rem&Coil”, made a report "Methods of preserving the efficiency of electric machines during major repairs." Representatives of the holding SZEMO - PA "Electromashina" with their report "New Life of Electric Machines" also attended the event.

During the conference, agreements were reached on further cooperation with the organizers and participants of the event.

- Reliability is a key priority of the “Energy” division, that’s why it was chosen as the topic of the conference. The duration of operation of ERG energy enterprises and the company's transformation processes were additional impulses for this event. “Time does not stand still, there are many innovative technologies and techniques that should be implemented in production processes at our enterprises," said Duysen Mergaliyev, Chief Operating Officer of the “Energy” division.

The organizers plan to make reliability conferences a tool for improving production processes, a platform for exchanging experience with colleagues and researchers from other energy enterprises of the region.