06 Kondopoga PPM

The company

Joint-Stock Company Kondopoga Pulp-and-Paper Mill is the leading producer of newsprint in Russia and in Europe. The plant was founded in 1929. The industrial site of the enterprise is located in the North-Western Federal District of Russia, in the city of Kondopoga of the Republic of Karelia. The newsprint of the Kondopoga PPM was awarded the "Quality Mark of the XXI century" of platinum level. Today Kondopoga PPM JSC is a modern production complex with a high level of automation and mechanization of technological processes, equipped with the equipment from leading European manufacturers.

Their Request

The Kondopoga PPM JSC plant faces the task of finding a reliable partner for regular work on replacing preformed stator coils in electric machines that are used at the plant, mainly on drives of pumps, agitators, pulp grinder, sortings.

Our solution

The company "Rem&Coil" has passed a technical audit with the contractor and since 2015 we regularly supply stator coil windings for more than 50 types of electric machines.

Стержни статора
Стержни статора

"It is convenient to work with your company, since you can make a winding for any electric machine from our fleet. It is important to us that the products are of high quality, and this can only be achieved on automated lines. It is also equally important the speed of installing coils. Due to the perfect geometry, your coils do not cause additional trouble and allow you to install coils "on-site".
It is convenient that you have a large database of drawings, which saves the time of making our order. And you also have experienced technical support that responds promptly at any stage of production.
Due to the long-term cooperation, we often carry out business trips to each other, take part in exhibitions and presentations. Therefore, our cooperation can definitely be called fruitful."

Yuri Ulitin
Head of the Electrical Service