04 BKE

The company

BKE (LLC Eurasia Drilling Company) is one of the largest Russian drilling companies, engaged in drilling, construction, repair and workover of oil and gas wells. The company works with the largest Russian oil companies: Lukoil, Rosneft, Gazpropromneft, Bashneft etc. BKE drilled over 53 million metres of rocks between 2005 and 2018.

Their Request

BKE used to annually repair the Baldor motors with mesh winding, an average motor’s operational lifetime being six months due to open-air operation under conditions of low temperatures and precipitation. The most common reason for an induction electrical motor’s failure was a breakdown of the stator winding. Each downtime due to the motor’s repair works out at a cost of tens of millions of rubles, which motivated BKE to look for ways to extend the motors’ operational lifetime.

Our solution

Rem&Coil developed a new type of stator winding based on rectangular wires. The new insulation displays thermal stability, mechanical endurance and resistance to aggressive media such as moisture, oils and chemical factors. The first Baldor motors serviced at Rem&Coil have been operating without major repair works for 5 years already, which exceeds the previously registered average operational lifetime by 10 times. This allowed BKE to cut losses caused by equipment downtime.

Двигателя Baldor
Двигателя Baldor